About Us

DBGamer is a garment print shop located in Phoenix AZ.  We are geeks who love cosplay, comic cons, and video gamers.  We couldn't find garment printers who cared as much as we do, so we started our own shop.  We've been printing tees for the last seven years, enjoying putting custom art on tees.  When we go to comic cons we love when folks say, "nice tee", "where did you get that tee," and "how can I get one of them tees?".   Who likes looking like everybody else? Not us.  


DBGamer offers  custom designed digital to garment gamer tees that are just AWESOME. Perfect for video game gurus, cosplayers, comic enthusiasts, and just plain ol' geeks.  DBGamer has outstanding t-shirt styles for gamers of all ages. We screen print too. 


We are coming out with some “real cool and hot” new tee designs weekly. We are building the Artist Alley made up of comic book artists who have original works you won't find at Walmart.  We like to offer original, comics and video game designs that you want to wear.  Our lines of t-shirts keep your friends asking, “Where did you get that shirt?”.