DBGamer is a Digital To Garment (DTG) and Screen Printer located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. We love to print "Wow" on garments by collaborating with true artists. 

DTG printing allows you to take a digital image from a cpu and place it on a garment effortlessly. Now the printer does all the work but it does it in a fraction of the time it takes to create a screen for screen printing. More importantly your art that has a thousand colors could be reproduced in minutes without chemicals, drying, or eliminating half the colors. Screen printing is faster once you have everything ready to go in volume, but the imagination is stifled.

DTG printing allows us to offer our customers the ability to make 1 or 1000 shirt in as many colors they so choose. Yes, it will be a little slower than screen printing but the quality of the print will surpass the speed. My grandmother, and yours I predict, use to say "anything good is worth the wait". Go ahead and give us a try, promise you won't regret not limiting your imagination.

Did we mention we also screen print if your job demands it? Please call us today if you are interested in Screen Printing rates.

We've feature some cool designs that you might be interested in from us and other artists on our feature page. If you are not a artist and just want cool original gear then shop away. 

Please visit Artist Alley if you are a artist interested in setting up your own store. Fill out the contact form and send us samples of your artwork.  If you got the skills to pay the bills then we will offer you a spot in the Alley.  We are signing up the next 50 artists for free.  After that it will cost to become a Alley member.  We are only accepting artist who submit original non licensed graphics.  No Superman, clipart, Marvel, DC Comics, Ninja Turtles, or the like will be accepted.  Artist Alley is for those artists who can put dope on a tee.  Check out our Alley members below who are bringing it. 

Sign-Up today if you got them skills!  Click Here.



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If you draw like a beast Apply today the first 50 are FREE! Please fill out the short form Click Here
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